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Meet Your Designer

Saquaia Morrison

Hi, it's your floral event designer here, Saquaia! I wanted to share a little about how I started creating the beautiful decor of The Floral Queen. 

My journey began by creating a floral swing for myself. While creating, I realized how much I loved floral designs. I started crafting more and more designs and fell in love! I fell in love so much; I decided that I should create these beautiful designs for others so that they too can enjoy the unique experience.


While looking at my swing and other floral decor, I instantly thought of weddings and special events because of how luxurious they appeared. I said to myself; I would absolutely want this at my wedding, birthday, or any other special event.


 I immediately researched floral swings for weddings and events and realized no one offered this service, especially with my amount of customization and creativity.  I couldn't stop at just the swings. I then began creating floral arrangements and flower walls, I knew then that these designs and creations were created for me to share with you! 

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